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photo credit: BMG Gallagher

Thursday, 29 March 2012 17:58

Profile Feature: Eileen U. Scream #81

by Mark Zimmaro

One of the Philly Roller Girls’ rising stars remembers her first meeting with roller skates.

It was the early 90’s and Eileen U. Scream was jamming out to some tunes, whisking through the weekend crowds at her local roller skating rink.

“I grew up in South Jersey so we would go to the skating rink on the weekends,” Scream recalled. “It was free babysitting for our parents and we would be safe with friends.”

Those fond memories were nearly the last thoughts of skating until just a few years ago, when Scream decided to give it a second try.


“I found some skates on eBay and I started skating on Kelly Drive,” she said. “I was literally diving into the grass because I forgot how to stop. Then I started taking some skating classes in May’s Landing learning how to do T-stops. It was me and a bunch of 4-year-olds but I didn’t care.”

Hopefully Scream took it easy on those toddlers that summer, because opponents have come to fear the household name that has become Eileen U. Scream in the Philly Roller Girls circuit.

Now entering her third year, Scream has catapulted to the top as one of the league’s premier skaters.

“For a beginner, Scream is incredibly determined,” said Broad Street Butchers teammate Elle Viento. “There’s never an off night. There’s always a fire under her.”

It showed at a recent practice at the Millennium Skate World that was geared at Fresh Meat hopefuls. Scream refused to come off the rink during endurance training, despite the practice being optional for team members.

“She’s super competitive but she’s always smiling,” Elle Viento said. “You can tell she loves to be here. She’s part of what makes derby really great. She participates to the max.”

Scream’s determination has showed as her first competitive season and second overall, received many accolades. At the team’s annual Snow Brawl, which honors participants with awards and recognition, Scream might have endured some of her toughest training. Repeatedly, Scream was called to the stage to accept awards based on her phenomenal freshman season of competition.

Aside from respect from her teammates, Scream took home Most Improved Player honors for the Broad Street Butchers, Independence Dolls and Liberty Belles. She also shared co-MVP honors for the Butchers with Elle Viento.

“She came right out of the box like a pit bull in a tutu,” said The Cycrone! of the Heavy Metal Hookers. “She can skate like a Mac truck and she has incredible skills. It showed with all the bling she took home at the Snow Brawl.”

Scream says she is hungry for more this year. She says has put her hat in the ring as a choice for captain of the Butchers this year. She says she’s ready to take on the added responsibility whether she is chosen or not.

“I really want to be a leader,” she said. “I’ve learned a hell of a lot and I want to see what I can do to help this league become even stronger.”

[Update: She was voted in as co-captain with teammate Devoida Mercy.]

Scream says her drive and winning attitude all begins in practice.

“I treat every practice like a tryout,” she said. “Even if you’re hung over or don’t want to be there, you can’t act like it. If you fall down you have to pick yourself up and keep working your ass off.”



Come see Scream skate in her first bout as captain of the Broad Street Butchers vs. reigning Warrior Cup Champs Philthy Britches on Saturday, April 14th!

Click here for tickets!


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